Here Be Dragons

Ancient maps and globes used to mark unexplored areas with “Here be dragons”. These represented the boundaries of the known and the beginning of the unknown and uncharted…

Although today’s maps are much more complete, with technology at our fingertips pinpointing our current location with the touch of a few buttons, we still venture into corners of the maps where we’ve never been. 

We adventure into what is uncharted territory for ourselves and come back with tales of amazing places, wondrous experiences and the occasional dragon sighting...

How do we then share our experiences with others? How best to capture the daring, the fun and the places we’ve explored and discovered for ourselves? Some adventures are just too rich for a t-shirt or the usual vacation knickknacks...

Mapping Your Memories

Why not use the maps and charts that inspired our adventures to capture the essence of our travels? So often these play a huge role in creating our adventures: we spend hours hunched over them planning and dreaming of the gleaming shores we’ll discover, the historic sites we’ll visit, and the time we’ll spend with new and old friends. Or they are what make a safe passage or journey possible and helped us realize a dream. 

We’ll work with to you capture the essence of your experience and turn it into a custom work of art. Using the same maps that helped you plan and realize your travel dreams, we’ll elevate your memories to original art. 

So go ahead and wander off the path and let us map your memories!

Chart Art

When you commission a custom map with Uncharted Mapping, we'll work with you to select the perfect map to reflect your experience whether it be historical, modern, or a combination of layers suited to your tastes and desires. This then becomes the focal point of the artwork. We'll restore & transform it to perfection and add the finishing touches to enhance it's beauty. Then, we'll add in some of your personal touches to make a truly unique piece of art celebrating your accomplishment. Whether you'd like a single photograph that represents your memories of the trip or experience or a series of them, we'll arrange them tastefully around the original map, adding to it's form and function.

We can even incorporate your actual GPS information for a truly customized and accurate depiction of your travels. Contact us for options of working with your trip information and how to best integrate it into your maps. 

The end result will be something you will proud to display and use to share your special place or experience with friends and loved ones.


Chart Art for Purchase

We've all got places that we love, whether by land or by sea. While creating custom maps for adventure travel, we also specialize in creating unique maps for various home ports of call, popular cruising grounds or exotic locations. Feel free to browse our ever-expanding selection of chart art available in the Purchase Gallery.


Don't see your favorite place in the Purchase Gallery? Feel free to Contact us with your ideas on new places to map or to explore. 

Our maps are available in a variety of sizes on either artist canvas or as high-quality glossy paper. All are suitable for framing and will make an attractive addition to your collection of fine art.


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